Alexander Borissov


Alexander Borissov was born in Moscow in 1963. At the age of 16 he follows the steps of his artist grandfather with painting Icons of saints on wooden panels.

After moving to London in the 1990s Alexander produces an array of impressionist images. In 2004 he becomes a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild. His artworks are exhibited in London galleries at Kensington Church Street, Canary Wharf, at Chelsea Art Fair and at Kensington Olympia. On the quest of artistic liberty in 2006 Alexander switches from figurative art to abstract-expressionist technique.

In 2008 Alexander moves to Switzerland. Painting in his art studio in Erlenbach, as well as in Swiss Alps and at international locations in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Maldives, Sweden, Russia, UK and USA he creates an extra-large painting in abstract expressionist style - now over 2 km long.

Alexander’s paintings have been exhibited in different countries in Europe and sold to many customers around the world.

Life and Work

Borissov Alexander
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