Daria Stempkowski


Art has been my greatest passion and my constant companion. Sometimes I do not paint for months, until suddenly an experience, emotion or a moment inspires me to snap the canvas and a box of paints and express it, getting hold of the sensation before it passes.

My painting style is probably the closest to abstract expressionism. The works are not based on any particular reality; instead, they reflect images created by cultural identity, imagination, momentary creative flashes and dreams. The real nature of an art piece is revealed in time and unexpectedly; a sudden moment, a notion or a hasty glance may induce an abstract part of a painting to take a vivid shape in a flash. Fantasy and reality merge and construct on the canvas explosion of colours and contrasting, illusory characters.

I see a lot of parallels between art and life, one being the distorted reflection of the other. Nothing in life is more beautiful, but at the same tragic, destructive, intense, fascinating, inspiring and delicate than art, nothing but the life itself! Art reflects the miracles and tragedies of our lives, with their unpredictability, contradictions, emotional rollercoasters and unique individual experiences. For me, art is a way to delve into the ambiguous universe of the less obvious and explored aspects of our being dreams, journeys in the inner planes, soul travels and subconscious realities.

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Stempkowski Daria
Feldblumenstr. 100
CH-8134 Adliswil
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